SUCCESS and HONOR Karate teaches the following 12 values:

reSpect enthUsiasm conCentration Coordination concEntration self-diScpline fitnesS Helpfulness prOud stroNg non-viOlent communicatoRs

These 12 values are emphasized in the Karate curriculum that teaches today’s youth the importance of non-violent conflict resolution. The program tries to instill the participants with life-long skills by requiring that the students incorporate these principles in their daily lives, not just in Karate class.

The advancement form must be signed by the parent/guardian, the student’s teacher and the sensei to assure that the student is following these principles in their personal life. The program operates by the Miyamma Dojo which is a member of the Kodokan Tsunami Dojo of Columbus. Classes and private lessons are available for students from ages 4 – adult.