Message from the Founder

-Alice Chapman, Founder of Ely Chapman

From the Desk of the Chair/Founder:

Welcome to the Ely Chapman Education Foundation (ECEF), a wonderful safe haven for youth of the Mid-Ohio Valley from ages 3 to 16.  ECEF is a place where students of all ages are encouraged to expand their horizons, to learn in the best way possible, using hands-on activities whenever possible.

This foundation was started under the principle that every child can learn, given an encouraging and caring atmosphere. ECEF engages special needs individuals in a way that all children can learn from the other. I know the names of all the children and daily greet them as they come into the program. I can sense if a child has had a good day and give plenty of “High 5’s” to students. For those for whom the day has been rough,  I encourage them by telling them that I know that they will make better choices tomorrow, and that once they walk into the building, it is a new beginning.

I expect all students to be respectful and am respectful to them, listening to their stories, giving hugs (many hugs- never enough hugs), but allow those who do not want the hug to just wave or give a handshake. I want children to be comfortable and to feel that this place is a safe haven because I know that they well learn better, be more respectful – to themselves and others, and become more responsible. It is my hope that all students who leave ECEF become stewards of their environment- both at home, at work and in the community.

– Alice Chapman