The spring session was directed by Conner Busby. Both directors did an excellent job with the few students who attended.

Third Annual Taste 4 Fine Arts was catered by our own in-house cook, Denise Sheppard and again served by the Troop 231 Boy Scouts and other youth. Two youth helped the auctioneer show off the items available for live auction and bidding was heavy.


In the Fall, the Performing Arts Program was incorporated into the S.L.S. program, taking up about 6 Fridays. All the students participated in writing different plots to 3 familiar Christmas songs. The acting, costumes, props, backdrop were all made by students and a great performance was put on for the parents/guardians.


Also in the Fall the TAG program was incorporated into the S.L.S. program and the few students who were available made Origami Christmas Ornaments for the ECEF Christmas Tree that was put in the Putnam Commons and auctioned off to the highest bidder. SLS students also participated in the Marietta Christmas Parade, passing out light sticks despite the cold rainy weather.

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