During 2007 ECEF worked on expanding the enrollment on all the current programs. The YTP added a Theatre Tech class where students learned about all the back stage aspects of theatre: set design and creation, costume design and creation from current supplies, make-up, lighting, sound system and curtain control, and publicity.  In June,Sensational Summer Camp (SSC) Sensational Summer Camp (SSC) began with 20 – 30 enrolled participants who chose which weeks to attend. Each week had a different theme and many different activities were offered to the students.

Thanks to a grant from the Ohio Arts Council, the camp included a two week theatre session during which the participants did everything involved with putting on a short play except the actual writing. A participant drew a picture that became the play poster, other participants came up with short scenes, character development, built scenery, painted scenery, and even made the tickets and the program.

Participants handled the sound and lighting equipment. All the participants enjoyed helping with the production of The Escape to Freedom, a play about the Underground Railroad written by the director, Andrew Clovis. In September the Marietta Dance Academy moved out as that program had expanded beyond the space available. This allowed ECEF to expand the SLS program and the MSP moved into larger quarters.

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